Investment Policy 


The Company will invest in small to medium sized trading companies, both start-up/early stage growth and established, being companies with a turnover typically up to US$20 million, based mainly in the Greater China and South East Asian region, and thereby create a portfolio of minority investments in such companies. 

The Company’s investment objective is to achieve attractive investment returns through capital appreciation on a medium to long term horizon. The Directors consider between 2 to 4 years to be medium term and long term to be over 4 years. The Directors intend to build an investment portfolio of small to medium sized companies based mainly in the Greater China and South East Asian region, where economic growth is expected to remain strong. The Company may also take advantage of opportunities to invest in companies in other jurisdictions, such as the UK, which have close trading links with Greater China and South East Asia. Investments will normally be in equity or preferred equity but if appropriate convertible loans or preference shares may be utilised. 

The Company has no intention to employ gearing, but reserves the right to gear the Company to a maximum level of 25 per cent. of the last published net asset value of the Group should circumstances arise where, in the opinion of the Directors, the use of debt would be to the advantage of the Company and the Shareholders as a whole. 

The investment portfolio will consist primarily of unlisted companies but the Directors will also consider investing in undervalued listed companies, if and when such an opportunity arises. Where suitable opportunities are identified, investment in companies considering a stock market listing at the pre-initial public offering stage will be considered. 

No more than 20 per cent. of the gross assets of the Group will be invested in any single investment. The Directors consider that opportunities will arise to invest in investee companies by the issue of new Ordinary Shares at a discount of no more than 10 per cent. of the mid market price at the time of agreement of their issue in exchange for new equity, preferred equity or convertible instrument in the investee company. Initial target sectors are financial services, consumer retail distribution, natural resources and infrastructure but the Company will seek to take advantage of opportunities in other sectors if these arise. 

The Company will invest in at least five different investee companies, thereby reducing the potential impact of poor performance by any individual investment. The Directors will  endeavour to identify at least two suitable investments and complete investment agreements with such investee companies within the first twelve months and complete at least five investments within two years. 

The Company does not intend to take majority interests in any investee company, save in circumstances where the Company exercises any rights granted under legal agreements governing its investment. Each investment by the Company will be made on terms individually negotiated with each investee company, and the Company will seek to be able to exercise control over the affairs of any investee company in the event of a default by the investee company or its management of their respective obligations under the legal agreements governing each investment. Where appropriate, the Company will seek representation on the board of companies in which it invests. Where board representation is secured in an investee company, remuneration for such appointment will be paid to the benefit of the Company thereby enhancing returns on the investment. There will be no intention to be involved in the day to day management of the investee company but the skills and connections of the board representative will be applied in assisting the development of the investee company, with the intention of enhancing shareholder value. The Company will arrange no cross funding between investee companies and neither will any common treasury function operate for any investee company; each investee company will operate independently of each other investee company. 

Where the Company has cash awaiting investment, it will seek to maximize the return on such sums through investment in floating rate notes or similar instruments with banks or other financial institutions with an investment grade rating or investment in equity securities issued by companies which have paid dividends for each of the previous three years.